What is abuse-resistant VPS

What is abuse-resistant VPS

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Different parts of the world have their own moral imperatives and laws regarding what information can be placed in the public domain, so an abusable VPS is always relevant. Usually, content that violates copyrights is banned, as well as various videos and photos that violate local censorship. It can be content, foul language, spam, direct insults and defamation of personalities, and many other things. Each country has its own regulatory authorities, which monitor the resources available in the country and impose restrictions in case of violations.

Operators block access to certain resources at the IP address level due to government requirements. To circumvent such restrictions you can constantly "move from one hosting to another, create mirrors and use other loopholes, but it all requires a lot of time and effort, and the most effective solution is an abusive hosting.

What is an abuse-resistant VPS

Abuse-resistant means this type of hosting, in which the server is allowed to place absolutely any content - even those that indirectly or directly violate the law or common social norms and rules. Any complaints from users will be simply ignored by the provider. But there are still boundaries - for example, the requirements of the authorities often no one will ignore. Also, hosters will not host anti-government content that violates criminal law - content that promotes drugs, violence, child pornography, and other things that are unacceptable from any point of view. The same goes for pornography, images of violent scenes, and aggressive spam mailings.

Even though an abusive VPS imposes certain limitations, it is still an extremely effective option for people who have certain goals in mind:

  1. Publishing gray content that is undesirable in a particular country, but is not criminalized.
  2. Posting material and content with an age rating of 18+.
  3. Organizing additional protection and information from competitors' attacks.

It is worth to understand that an abuse-resistant dedicated server can be useful for hosting legal and acceptable content, because with this kind of hosting the probability of DDoS-attacks is significantly reduced because of the provided width of the channel and the lack of restrictions on traffic. Such VPS and dedicated servers are of much less interest in the eyes of potential attackers, and "put" them much harder than ordinary virtual servers.

Where to seek abuse-resistant hosting

Most often it is advisable to host such servers in data centers in countries with liberal laws, which does not impose any serious restrictions on information activities of hosting services. The most successful countries for the placement of abusable VPS are the following countries:

However, the world does not stand still, governments of countries change each other, and the legislation gradually evolves - somewhere it becomes softer and more loyal, and somewhere, on the contrary, tougher. Today if we consider Europe, the islands of freedom include Netherlands and Switzerland - these countries historically stand apart, are neutral and generally have a very loyal legislation, which is why VPS in the Netherlands is so popular. It is also worth noting Malaysia - in this country torrent sites cannot be closed even by government agencies.

what is abuse-resistant vps

Pros and cons of the hosting

The main advantage of such VPS and dedicated servers are resistance to complaints from users. That is the hoster simply turn a blind eye to the information that does not conform to any common norms, rules and morality. But, as we have already said, even here there are certain limits, and no one will place outright criminal content.

Also, an important advantage of abusive hosting is resistance to DDoS attacks due to the bandwidth provided and the lack of restrictions on traffic.

As for the cons, there are only two:

  • Higher rental costs compared to conventional virtual and dedicated servers;
  • It may be difficult to find a trusted provider.

Also, sometimes errors with the code 5xx may occur during the operation of the site, but this problem does not arise if the hosting provider is good at what he does.

Why us

HostZealot offers VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server rental options with a high-speed and stable network connection. We guarantee full confidentiality and uninterrupted server operation, as well as a number of other advantages:

  • individual configuration of equipment for individual tasks;
  • 24/7 support;
  • convenient ways of payment - including cryptocurrencies;
  • the ability to create backups;
  • scaling of servers on demand.

The cost of secure VPS hosting can be found on the website in the appropriate section. Call us at any convenient time or leave a request on the site - our manager will contact you to clarify the details.

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