What is a reselling of hosting

What is a reselling of hosting

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Hosting reselling refers to the procedure of dividing the physical resources of a leased server into several virtual configurations for the purpose of subsequent resale and profit. In other words, a physical server is a cake that a reseller buys in its entirety, divides into parts, and then resells to customers at a small markup. In this case, the reseller himself is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all these servers, and he is subsequently forced to deal with the data center. Often reseller also takes on additional functions:

  • domain registration;
  • web design development;
  • writing scripts for resource allocation and competent virtualization of servers.

How does it work?

The whole process of resale hosting is conditionally divided into three stages:

  1. Renting a physical server from a major provider - at this stage, the server receives all the necessary software, which is required for further resale.
  2. Creating accounts for future clients with access to cPanel or any other web panel.
  3. Searching for customers and making arrangements for leased capacity, lease terms, etc.

At the same time, the client can pay for the services himself at any convenient time - that's what the control panel is for.

Thus, the reseller acts as an intermediary between the hosting provider, data center, and small customers. Without this mediation, it would be difficult for small companies to rent servers, as large data centers are simply not interested in solving such small problems. In a sense, a reseller can be considered an ordinary manager who helps customers from different countries to quickly and efficiently rent server capacity anywhere in the world.

How to become a reseller

To make things as simple as possible, all you need to do to become a reseller is to contact us and discuss the details of cooperation. We provide our customers with assembled and configured dedicated or virtual servers depending on your needs. Reseller can install any Linux distribution or Windows along with specialized software. This is how you become a hosting provider without any serious investment.

Of course, this only sounds like an easy task, because as the reseller:

  • You do not need to create your own product;
  • No need to invest in the purchase of server hardware;
  • No need to think about the rental and maintenance of the hardware and software part of the server.

This is a great opportunity to have a passive income and receive 100% of each closed transaction. However, at the same time, anyone would have to face high competition in the market, because of which there is an implausible risk of losing customers. Investing at the start is still necessary - both in rentals and in marketing because without advertising you are unlikely to gather a sufficient number of customers to come out in the black. And yet, with the right approach resale hosting can be an excellent option for passive income, which can be constantly scaled up to the necessary extent.

what is a reselling of hosting

The principle of a reseller

It is worth understanding that the reseller is not just a person who takes money for air. He is an intermediary between the data center and the clients, and he is responsible for the people who rent servers. Ideally, he should be well versed in the administration of web panels such as cPanel and WHM, should be able to migrate data from one server to another in the shortest possible time. After all, it should be competent enough to provide customers with information support on any relevant issues.

Reselling hosting services also involves the need to respond quickly to any possible problems or problems with clients. At first, such problems may arise frequently, and the reseller must be able to answer their customers' questions and help them deal with the difficulties that arise. After all, the market is crowded with companies offering a reseller service, so it is important to be able to competently interest customers and give them a competitive advantage.

How to become a successful reseller

The first thing you should do is to get training from those who have extensive experience in this niche. The Internet is full of both paid and free training courses that will help you get into all the basic nuances of reselling.

The second important point - you must ensure a steady flow of customers, so the first time you have to invest heavily in advertising and promotion. In general, it is immediately worthwhile to clarify the point - in the construction of any business, you must put all available funds in the case, and to take away money from there in the early stages is not worth it. Every extra dollar must be an investment in the future.

After all, to become a successful reseller, you must be well informed about all the current trends in the server hardware market, so it is important to constantly be in the know and read the relevant news. Only in this way will you be able to adapt your business to the dynamically changing realities of the market in a timely manner.

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