Create a web form that you want to fill out

Create a web form that you want to fill out

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A web form, or capture form, is a special window where your website visitors can leave their contact information. This form is the most important element in building a competent sales funnel, and without it, you simply won't be able to gather a normal user base. The trouble is that not all people are ready to give their contact information to the first store or promotion company – many people avoid doing it because they fear that they will be bombarded with all sorts of SMS and letters to the mail reminding them about themselves. Blame it on miserable marketers who do not understand that the excessive imposition of a product or service causes just the opposite effect, provoking only rejection and resentment.

Thus, in order to make the user want to fill out a web form, you have to interest him in something. A unique product, low price, delivery terms, long warranty, a bright and pleasant design – there are many options. For our part, we will tell you how to properly make a capture form, so that you get the necessary feedback, and the user did not experience any inconvenience when visiting the site.

What web capture forms are available

There are three types of leads:

  1. Closed – is created as a small neat button, when you click on it, a form with several fields pops up in front of the person, where the visitor is invited to leave a phone number, name, and other contacts as desired. The advantage of this form is that it does not impose itself on the visitor and opens only if the person clicks on the appropriate button. Yes, it is possible to integrate the automatic deployment of a window with a web form after some time of activity on the site, but it is not recommended – it does not cause anything but annoyance.
  2. Open – is integrated directly into the main page of the site or Landing Page. Used to minimize the number of user clicks and accelerate the passage of all stages of the sales funnel. When combined with a competent presentation of benefits can show high efficiency, but its appearance can slightly spoil the design – some users may be discouraged by the fact that when you visit the site in front of their eyes immediately there is some form where you must enter personal contacts.
  3. Double capture form – in this case, the fields for entering data are accompanied by an information block, which adds important information about promotions and discounts. Also, the information block can contain a polite thank-you message to the visitor. 

Remember that a properly designed lead can significantly increase the conversion rate of the site, so it should be given due attention.

Types of web forms on the site

The main principle of choosing the right web form – it should be in the right place and at the right time when the client will be as much as possible disposed to leave you their contacts. In addition, the capture form should be relevant and in the long run, solve some problems of the client. Let's look at a few examples.

Subscribe to an email newsletter

The purpose of this form is to "solicit" the visitor's email address, which you will use in the future to send out newsletters and special offers. It's appropriate for online stores, news sites, media outlets, companies offering various courses, etc.

It is recommended to place such form in that place where the reader will be potentially the most interested in the mailing. The double capture form we wrote about above will be appropriate – with the help of an information block you can describe all the benefits that a person will get from subscribing.


Online stores often use such a web form, and visitors actively use it in order to get a live consultation from a specialist. An important point – you should make such a form only if you have a "specially trained" person or staff, who will promptly call those who have left an application. Otherwise, such a form will be of no use.

The callback is also good because it does not require a person to do too many things and not make too much effort. You leave your phone number and discuss the details of your order directly with the manager. Next to the form "Order a callback" it is recommended to leave contacts, which will be able to call you yourself – sometimes people do not want to wait and are looking for an opportunity to contact you as soon as possible.

create a web form that you want to fill out


All those who buy a case for a smartphone or other simple goods do not need any advice. But if we are talking about legal services, computer technology, leasing professional equipment, medical care, or other complex issues with their own specifics, then consultation is essential.

The web form for consultation is usually made in the form of a pop-up box, in which the visitor is invited to contact a specialist to clarify the details. Again, it is extremely important to respond to customer requests in a timely manner, because a long wait reduces the likelihood of successfully completing the sales funnel.


Cost estimating is a time-tested form of capture that is actively used by construction firms and all those who work on complex projects without a fixed cost. Where the price is worked out individually, based on the client's wishes and requests.

Sometimes, under the guise of a "cost calculator" disguise the usual form for a consultation. Simply, instead of "talk to a specialist" they write "calculate the cost. The calculations will not be done by the calculator, but by a live person – on the phone. This approach has a place, but it can not be called 100% honest. If your site does not have a full-fledged calculator that could roughly calculate the cost, it is better to use the classic form with a consultation offer.

Online Chat

This is not exactly a feedback form, but it is often referred to in this category. An online chat form is a small window where the visitor can ask questions. This form can also integrate fields where the person can enter his or her phone number or leave an e-mail.

For a full implementation of the live chat requires one or more employees, who will be at a computer during working hours and are able to promptly respond to visitors. If you don't have such people, then this block doesn't make sense – it will only interfere and create a negative impression of the company.

Web form for logging in to the site

This is where a person will enter data to log in to their personal account or account. When creating this form, it is extremely important to make the registration process as simple and fast as possible. Add the ability to generate a complex password and minimize the amount of data for registration.

If a person clicks on "Login", the only thing he should see in front of them is the fields for entering his e-mail address and password. There should be nothing unnecessary here.

Pop-up feedback form

The same "drop-down" form that annoys so many visitors so much. This form pops up after some time on the site, inviting people to enter their name and contact phone number.

Use a pop-up or not is up on you, but, as shown by surveys, it is very annoying to people, and at the sight of this box a person has only one desire – quickly find the cross and close it out of harm's way.

Techniques to increase conversions

As you understand, not all people are eager to leave their contacts on the first site they come across. This is quite normal, but you have to work with it. There are a few tricks that can help encourage the client to leave contacts for feedback:

  1. Thank you page. You can write a thank you message either before you send the data or after. Research shows that if you thank a person for an action before the action is actually completed, it increases the chances that the action will be completed. That is, if you write "Thank you for choosing us!" somewhere in the form box, it may encourage the person to take action.
  2. Extra bonuses. Some nice little thing as a gift can motivate a person to leave their information. For example, a 5% discount coupon, or the opportunity for a free consultation with an expert.
  3. A call to action. Let's imagine a situation where you're in the business of installing stretch ceilings, and you need to push your client to order. To do this, you can show an example from your portfolio and then leave the button "I want the same", clicking on which the person proceeds to the feedback form.
  4. Web form design. Remember that the form should not be overloaded with unnecessary information. Minimal words and unnecessary fields. Ask only key information, no need to ask the person their year of birth and sexual orientation. Name, phone number, and e-mail are more than enough.

Also, pay proper attention to the design of the web form. Colors should be calm and neutral and avoid shouty combinations and unnecessary contrast.

We hope that our article will help you competently to make a web form, so it will not irritate your clients and help to increase the conversion rate. That's all, thank you for your attention!

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