An EPYC Christmas sale and the results of 2021!

An EPYC Christmas sale and the results of 2021!

Author: HostZealot Team
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Dear friends, 2022 is just around the corner, so HostZealot would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays and wish your health 100% uptime and your wealth to grow like the number of servers after a successful marketing campaign. 😊

We've accomplished many things this year:

1. We opened a new location in the US. Now you can order servers and VPS in Dallas, Texas. Our partner is DataBank - Tier III datacenter with perfect conditions for hosting your high-load projects.

2. Due to numerous requests we also opened a new location in Moscow. Our partner is the DataLife data center.

3. Opening NVMe VPS in Amsterdam and Warsaw. They’re based on AMD EPYC Zen2 processors which give a huge performance boost compared to competitors.

4. Speaking of VPS carriers, we've reduced prices on our entire range from zKVM1024 to zKVM16384! 

5. For servers, we also expanded our CPU lineup and now we are AMD EPYC Zen3 ready on the third generation Milano. Even more performance, even more efficiency!

6. All bandwidth on our VPSes has become unlimited!

7. You might have noticed that our site also slightly updated its design, but we'll tell you in confidence that this is not the end and next year more positive changes will wait for you on our site. Stay tuned!

And now what are congratulations without discounts?

The word "EPYC" is here for a reason. Now we offer any server with AMD EPYC processor with a 25% discount.  Not only that, if you lease a server for half a year or more you get one month for free, and if you lease for a whole year you get 3 months for free as well. Not bad, right?

But that's not all. You will get 40% discount on all our VPSes.

Happy holidays!

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