Build Cloud platform was introduced by Docker

Build Cloud platform was introduced by Docker

Author: HostZealot Team
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Docker developers have introduced Build Cloud platform, which is designed for building projects. It is stated that with the help of this cloud platform, it is possible to significantly reduce the build time from 15 min to 2 min on average. 

Docker stated that the average build time has significantly increased in percentage by about 15%. This shows how developers are losing build time, and these numbers will continue to grow. A lot of teams are trying to improve these numbers by reducing the size of the code base as well as upgrading the hardware. Docker argues that the focus should be on preventing re-build.  

Build Cloud has been launched to work with this problem. Builds in the cloud give access to powerful hardware, and its use is not always accessible locally. Besides the new hardware, the time is also accelerated due to the consistency of different machines. 

In their blog, Docker reported that with this cloud platform, the average build time can be accelerated by 39 times. The acceleration is significantly affected by the shared cache system. So, if one user runs a build, everyone in the team will have access to the cached result.

Build Cloud can be used by various teams, especially those working on projects for multiple processors. In addition to multi-architecture builds, users can also integrate the platform with GitHub Actions, Docker Compose, and other CI/CD. 

Build Cloud platform has an affordable pricing policy, which is about $9 and $24 per month if you buy an annual plan. There are available Business and Team plans.

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