HostZealot announces partnership with Linked Helper

HostZealot announces partnership with Linked Helper

Author: HostZealot Team
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HostZealot is proud to announce its partnership with Linked Helper. For every sales team struggling their way with LinkedIn leads, Linked Helper is the perfect solution for organized outreach. Our servers with Linked Helper integration will help you work through 5-15 accounts simultaneously. If you wish to have more than 15 accounts you can always reach out to our team. Gain more customers and boost your brand through LinkedIn social selling! Read more about Linked Helper on the official website.

What is Linked Helper?

Linked Helper is LinkedIn marketing automation software you can download to your computer or a server. The tool allows users to set up narrow targeting and personalization for bulk automated actions such as auto-following, auto-invitations, auto-likes, and comments. The keynote features are building sequences of automated mass messages and scraping LinkedIn profiles. Linked Helper works in an overlay mode when parsing data or executing auto-interactions in real-time - like a human that you can monitor on the screen. 

Your go-to for LinkedIn growth

This tool is essential for lead generation, recruitment, market analysis, and brand image growth on LinkedIn. The software is actively used by marketers, recruiters, sales managers, and business owners, especially in the IT and B2B niches. 

Linked Helper functionality

  1. Unique technology for connecting with 800-1,000 prospects per week
  2. Scraping database & emails of 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
  3. Ability to download all data from LinkedIn about people and companies as CSV
  4. Bulk auto-messages to a target audience in niche groups
  5. Bulk auto-messages to event participants
  6. Auto invitations to events / to groups / to a business page
  7. Easy sending of bulk free & paid InMails
  8. Deep personalization of messages through custom variables and IF-THEN-ELSE logical strings
  9. Ability to add personalized pictures to bulk messages
  10. Addition of links with customized CTAs to bulk messages
  11. Ability to run multiple drip campaigns at the same time
  12. Auto-likes, auto-comments, and auto-follows within your target audience
  13. Narrow selection of target audience for campaigns & scraping from different sources – basic LinkedIn search by filters, Sales Navigator lists and Saved searches, exact page URLs, post commenters or likers, Recruiter projects, etc.
  14. Webhook integration for sending leads to Sales Force 10 times cheaper than buying Sales Navigator
  15. Logical drip campaigns consisting of actions with adjustable delays between actions
  16. Ready-made campaign templates for inviting & follow-ups, event promotions, data scraping, and more. 
  17. Managing LinkedIn prospects in a single CRM with personal client cards, user lists, search filters, download options, etc.
  18. Regular LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter support 

Why should you choose Linked Helper optimized servers from HostZealot?

Integration is a safe way to grow LinkedIn marketing 5-10 times faster across multiple accounts in a large team or solo. The entire marketing team will have access to the progress, leads, and chats that you manage from these accounts. 

  1. One employee can manage several LinkedIn accounts in one place.
  2. Your team won't need to keep their computers constantly on.
  3. No interruptions. Linked Helper's work will not be affected by PC failures, electricity blackouts, internet service provider issues, etc.
  4. 24/7 availability from any part of the world. All you need is a laptop with an internet connection.
  5. You can give access to the remote server to your colleague/boss in case they need to check your performance or change the workflow. For example, they may add new prospects to the Queue while you are on vacation leave.
  6. You can rent a much more powerful machine than the one you currently work on. It helps to run more LinkedIn accounts than your PC can handle.
  7. You can save your budget and forget about buying more computers for your team when social selling on LinkedIn.
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