Intel has introduced a "tracking module" that was included in the video card driver

Intel has introduced a "tracking module" that was included in the video card driver

Author: HostZealot Team
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The latest Intel graphics card driver update includes a new module called the Compute Improvement Program. It is automatically selected during driver installation. It is important to note that this module sends Intel a variety of information about your system.

The Compute Improvement Program sends information that relates to the categories of websites you visit (but does not include specific URLs), as well as your computer's characteristics and usage. It sends information about your region and device manufacturers, including those close to you, such as Smart TVs. However, when installing the driver, you can choose not to install this tracking module if you prefer.

AMD has also included a telemetry module in its drivers that can be easily disabled during installation. However, in the case of NVIDIA, you will need to use a third-party program, such as NVCleanstall by TechPowerUP, to disable tracking. In addition to telemetry, this program will allow you to disable additional driver features.

Video card drivers have long since become more than just software for the normal operation of hardware. They have become real control centers with many functions and settings. User information is becoming key for companies to compete effectively in the market.

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