Intel Meteor Lake 14 CPUs are to be released on December 14

Intel Meteor Lake 14 CPUs are to be released on December 14

Author: HostZealot Team
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Intel is going to release new Meteor Lake 14 CPUs with a bunch of new features introduced. In particular, each component will have a separate chip, for the first time in the history of the CPU. It also features 4nm Intel process technology and a special co-processor based on AI.

Besides that, it won’t follow the traditional name formula Core i’number’, but will be sold under the name Intel  Core Ultra.

Among other things, the CPU is promised to be the most energy-efficient processor in the history of the manufacturer and has a two times higher graphical performance.

Meteor Lake will also be the first Intel processor built based on module construction. In other words, the processor is assembled like some kind of Lego, where separate blocks are presented by different components – CPU, GPU, cache memory, and others. It used to be a common practice for such manufacturers as AMD or Qualcomm, but this approach hasn’t yet been introduced by Intel.

Another innovation is low-power islands, additional chips that are tailored for low energy consumption and activated when needed and capable of independent operation.

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