Rust 1.77 Announcement

Rust 1.77 Announcement

Author: HostZealot Team
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On March 21, 2024, the Rust team introduced a new version of the language, 1.77. This version was released to make it easier to develop software and work with the language in general. The project source code was published by the Rust Foundation.

The update is available to users through the rustup utility. If you already have a version of Rust installed, you can update it with the $ rustup update stable command.

Version 1.77 received many updates, including:

  • Support for C-style strings (C-string), which makes it easier to write code to interact with different language interfaces.
  • Possibility of recursion in asynchronously executed functions async fn, due to the use of indirect inquiries.
  • Stabilization of the offset_of! macro to determine the byte offset of structure fields, which makes it easier to work with data, minimizing the possibility of errors.
  • Option strip = "debuginfo " by default in Cargo build profiles, which reduces the size of the final file in the absence of the deferral mode.
  • Lint-check for warning when using links to mutable static values.
  • The ability to use the type "From<&[T; N]>" for the type "Cow<[T]>"..
  • Alignment of 16-byte i128 and u128 types for x86 systems in the compiler.
  • Third level of support for aarch64-unknown-illumos, hexagon-unknown-none-elf, riscv32imafc-esp-espidf and riscv32im-risc0-zkvm-elf platforms.
  • Stabilized APIs.
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