Server accelerators: Intel, AMD and NVIDIA

Server accelerators: Intel, AMD and NVIDIA

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When it comes to server processors, more than 90% of the market is made up of Nvidia products, where the company, in particular, holds a leading position in terms of selling server components.

For example, in 2023, AMD earned more than $6 billion from the sale of server components, while Nvidia earned more than $47.5 billion. If we take the revenue in the last quarter, Nvidia received more than $22 billion, which is 427% more compared to the same period last year. Intel, on the other hand, earned $15.5 from the sale of server components over the past year.

All three companies understand that the future belongs to AI technologies, which is why Intel believes that by 2028, almost 80% of PCs will be equipped with processors that support AI optimization. As for AMD, the company believes that the market of logical data processing is more profitable as it will increase in volume and demand. AMD has its own solution to meet this demand — the Instinct MI300X series. This series of processors has a high-performance memory subsystem, with the ability to place more memory on one accelerator. Nvidia followed the same course as AMD, which creates direct and natural competition between the companies.

Intel is standing a bit apart, delving into the future of AI systems. Until corporations begin to integrate AI-enabled chips, and thus start investing in them, accelerators for logical data processing will dominate the market. Intel hopes to change the situation with the release of Gaudi 3, a series of accelerators for AI systems.

Nvidia is also not far behind in the AI segment, as its chips are often used for AI models. Moreover, over the past year, approximately 40% of revenue in the server segment has been generated by such processors.

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