We accept Bitcoin

Author: HostZealot Team
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HostZealot is announcing an increase in the number of supported payment systems. From now on you can use Bitcoins to pay for hosting services. The main advantages of the BTC electronic payment system are:

  • simplicity — pay with your smartphone or tablet using QR-code;
  • security — reliable encryption technology in place;
  • speed — payment processing in no time;
  • low fees — choose a fee to pay regarding the urgency of your payment;
  • confidentiality – no need to expose personal data.

You can pay service invoices in the currency that you have chosen as a preferred one with bitcoins on the best terms due to our partnership with merchant processor bitpay. Invoice total is automatically recalculated in bitcoins based on the real time information on exchange rates.

To pay your invoice with bitcoins just follow the standard procedure. Choose an unpaid invoice in your Client Area and select Bitcoin as a payment method from the corresponding menu (picture 1).

we accept bitcoin

Picture 1

You can use one of the following ways to make a payment with bitcoins (picture 2):


  1. press Open in Wallet button to proceed with your e-Wallet installed on the device you’re using at the moment;
  2. pay with QR-code if your application is installed on the other mobile device; 
  3. copy the address and bitcoin amount to send the payment manually if your Wallet doesn’t support the other methods listed above.

we accept bitcoin

Picture 2

Find all the payment systems, which are currently supported by HostZealot at our web site.

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