Why you might need a VPN

Why you might need a VPN

Author: HostZealot Team
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There are people who can, at the snap of a finger, be forbidden to use any of the benefits of civilization, and this person without further question will accept their new reality. And there are those who can't help rejecting such restrictions at any level – VPN is created just for them. The technology allows you to bypass any restrictions and prohibitions established by the government and Internet service providers controlled by it.

What you will learn about in this article?

VPN connection is carried out through a private server – your data is "packaged" and encrypted using the IPsec protocol and sent to the specified address – but instead of your usual IP, you get the VPN server address. This allows you to ignore any regional prohibitions since when you activate Virtual Private Network, you seem to be in another country – one of those that you can choose yourself.

What is an IP address and what are the advantages of a VPN

IP is a digital sequence that is the identifier of the device that accesses the global network. With the help of IP, the server can automatically determine your location. In many situations, this is not only useful, but also necessary – for example, when an online store or an entrepreneur needs a site to be clearly defined for local users. But if you want to remain anonymous and want to access blocked resources, you will need to connect via VPN. This connection method provides:

  1. The security of your data and anonymity in the Network. Including when working together on some files.
  2. Trust on the part of customers – especially if some important documents are exchanged.
  3. The ability to connect to the Internet through any country available in the list of connections of the service provider.

In addition, paid VPNs also provide a good data transfer rate, which usually can not offer free analogues. 


Virtual Private Network guarantees complete anonymity and confidentiality, while opening the possibility of visiting any sites blocked in the country of your actual residence. At the same time, in most countries, special authorities do not control VPN service providers in any way, and the use of such services is not considered a criminal/administrative offense. Even the most inexpensive VPN can open the iron curtain for you, so do not hesitate to use it. 

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