Google added default passwordless authorization for personal accounts

Google added default passwordless authorization for personal accounts

Author: HostZealot Team
2 min.

Google is approaching a “future without passwords”. The company announced in their official blog about an important change in the account authorization – now the Google Passkey is the default option for personal accounts. Besides that, from now on, when the users access their accounts with a password, they will also be provided hints on switching to passwordless authorization. The Security section of the account settings now also has the option “Skip password when possible”.

Besides being more convenient to use and generally faster, Passkeys are considered also a more secure option as they are saved locally on the device. This also makes them more phishing-resistant.

Google is pleased with the fact that Passkeys have been already implemented in the Google Account and related services (Maps, Search, YouTube) and is also actively supported by independent services like Uber and WhatsApp.

Traditional passwords can still be used. However, the complete abolishment of them is likely to happen sooner or later, although it’s not yet announced by Google.

To create a passkey, just follow the instructions in the settings. Make sure you have a suitable operating system and a suitable device for your personal use. It’s also recommended to update the operating system as well as the browser.

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