Company HostZealot offers dedicated server hosting services in a few European countries. This section is about hosting of a dedicated server in the UK.

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Next we are going to talk about reasons of noticeable popularity of this service:

  • hardware equipment from the world’s famous company SuperMicro with Intel CPU;
  • quick assemblage of server’s individual configurations;
  • basic configurations are immediately ready (in 1 hour);
  • free options for equipment’s state monitoring and traffic tracking, which can help you to optimize your project’s work;
  • special tools set from HostZealot company allows you to solve different server issues quickly. For example, client can restart a server by himself using VPN safety remote access function if needed;
  • qualified technical support is there for clients 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Intel Xeon E3-1230v2
  • Cores4
  • RAM32 GB
  • HDD1 TB
  • Port100Mbit
  • Bandwidth10 TB
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Intel Xeon E3-1230v2
  • Cores4
  • RAM16 GB
  • HDD1000 GB
  • Port100Mbit
  • Bandwidth10 TB
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Intel Core i3-series
  • Cores2
  • RAM8 GB
  • HDD500 GB
  • Port100Mbit
  • Bandwidth10 TB
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Dual Intel E5-2620v2
  • Cores12
  • RAM64 GB
  • HDD12 TB
  • Port1Gbit
  • Bandwidth10 TB
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Ordering hosting of the dedicated server in the UK from HostZealot, clients receive a range of undisputed advantages:

  1. Guarantees of quality and security:
    • data-center has five-level security system;
    • security stuff is round-the-clock on the object;
    • data-center is supplied with redundant electrical energy from fully renewable energy sources.
  2. Data-center, where computing facilities of the company are to be found, has total area of 6700m2 and located in the City of London. As a Global Carrier Awards 2014 winner data-center responds to all European quality standards.
  3. All the equipment located at our rooms in the data-center is a property of HostZealot and that let us set attractive tariff plans for our services.
  4. There are more than 50 ISPs available in data-center, which provide high-speed reliable Internet access.
  5. Placing dedicated server in the UK is especially convenient for those clients, whose target audience is located in Europe.
  6. English laws guarantee full protection from unauthorized access to the confidential information located on the client’s server.

Hosting of the dedicated server in the UK from HostZealot guaranties quality, security and reliability of your project’s work at a reasonable price.