VDS/VPS servers with DDoS protection plans

The price for bandwidth is only for clean traffic! E.g. You have paid for 100 mbit and you’ve been attacked with 1Gbit. You will not pay for 1Gbit dirty traffic attack nor it will count to 100mbit you have already paid for.

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Protection against hacking and DDoS attacks

Protect your server up to 400 gbps

Network protection at the L3-L4 OSI level

We will protect your server from such popular attacks as Ping Flood, Smurf Attack, SYN Flood, ICMP Flooding

Customizable traffic

Choose how much traffic you want to protect

Protected IP addresses

In case of attacks exceeding Scrub threshold, IP address goes on a null route

KVM Virtualization

KVM virtualization technology provides independent resources to each virtual server, and also provides the ability to install the necessary operating system distributions.

VPS provisioning within one minute

You can start using a VPS within 1 minute after the payment is made

Free IPV6 for each VPS

We provide a free IPV6 for every VPS you use in your business

VNC access to VPS

VNC-access from anywhere in the world and administer your virtual server from the comfort of your home


Feel like you're running out of resources? There's always room to expand.

Why use the services of HostZealot?

  • We provide turnkey virtual configurations based on Intel server processors (from single-core to quad-core).
  • RAM and storage capacity of your choice from a list of ready-made configurations. SSD capacities from 5 GB and higher are offered for data storage.
  • All virtual servers have 1 Gigabit physical connection, which is shared between all users, without any priority.
  • Extendability of stock configurations if the provided capacity is not enough.
  • Reliability and fault tolerance even under high loads.
  • Customer support 24/7 with the ability to communicate in Russian and English.
  • We provide an opportunity to rent VPS-server for corporate clients and individuals. The service also includes basic administration.
  • Backup data excludes the possibility of data loss even in case of unforeseen circumstances. Backup to the tenant's media is also allowed.

DDos Protected Hosting FAQs

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