Hosting-provider HostZealot offers hosting services in leading European data-centers. This section is dedicated to the VPS in Holland hosting service.


Here bellow you can find the most important characteristics of this type of service:

  • implementation of the KVM technology guaranties complete control over the dedicated volume of server’s resources;
  • continuous high-speed access due to the caching technology with Solid-State Drives (SSD);
  • free software, which does not occupy useful disk space and helps to improve your project efficiency;
  • control panels of your choice;
  • SSH-root and VNC - simple connection with your server;
  • IPv6 is already there;
  • physical server’s equipment made by SuperMicro;
  • CPU by Intel;
  • qualified technical support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
zKVM 128
  • Cores1
  • RAM128 MB
  • HDD5 GB
  • Bandwidth256 GB
  • Swap256 MB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 512
  • Cores2
  • RAM512 MB
  • HDD10 GB
  • Bandwidth1 TB
  • Swap1 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 256
  • Cores1
  • RAM256 MB
  • HDD5 GB
  • Bandwidth512 GB
  • Swap512 MB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 1024
  • Cores3
  • RAM1 GB
  • HDD20 GB
  • Bandwidth1 TB
  • Swap2 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616

Except all the facts listed above, consider that purchasing the service of hosting VPS in Amsterdam, you will also enjoy the following benefits of the virtual dedicated server from Hostzealot company:

  1. Switch Datacenters company’s data-center, where computing facility of VPS in Amsterdam is to be found, corresponds to the high quality standards of this field of activity, particularly:
    • company is certificated according to the international information security standard ISO/IEC 27001;
    • emergency power generators provide 72 hours of uninterrupted operation in case of the general power supply breakdown;
    • care about the environment is one of the top priority of the company. That is why data-center gets power supply from the renewable energy sources.
  2. HostZealot company is the owner of the server equipment and offers you:
    • efficient decision making when changing a price plan;
    • fast reequipment of physical server, if necessary.
  3. Convenient location of VPS in Holland reduces access time for target audience from European countries.
  4. You can forget about law enforcement structures with unlawful actions, causing potential threat to the information being stored on a server. The legislation of Holland strictly controls an access to any private data.

To summarize, once decided to buy hosting of VPS in Holland, you can be sure in quality and reliability of your project’s work!