Customers of HostZealot company have an opportunity to use web hosting service in leading data-centers around the globe. This article is about rental of a VPS in Sweden.


Let’s take a look at the major benefits of this type of hosting from HostZealot:

  • hardware equipment from world known OEMs like SuperMicro with Intel CPUs;
  • variety of handy control panels;
  • SSD-caching, which provides constant high-speed access to the information on your site even at the moments of high loads;
  • SSH и VNC root-access;
  • utilization of KVM virtualization technology makes it possible to install on your virtual server any software needed;
  • full support of IPv6 protocol, which provides high level of security;
  • highly qualified technical support of the customers available 24 hours a day.
zKVM 1024
  • Cores3
  • RAM1 GB
  • HDD20 GB
  • Bandwidth1 TB
  • Swap2 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 2048
  • Cores4
  • RAM2 GB
  • HDD30 GB
  • Bandwidth2 TB
  • Swap4 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 4096
  • Cores4
  • RAM4 GB
  • HDD50 GB
  • Bandwidth4 TB
  • Swap8 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 8192
  • Cores4
  • RAM8 GB
  • HDD100 GB
  • Bandwidth8 TB
  • Swap16 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616

Once having ordered VPS in Sweden hosting from HostZealot Company, customer gets virtual dedicated server with following benefits:

  1. Rental of a VPS in Sweden from HostZealot guarantees stable and safe work of your project due to the following facts:
    • high voltage power inputs with a total consumed power around 3,3mW;
    • utilization of emergency uninterruptible power supplies, which can keep data-center running for a long time;
    • data-center is equipped with an efficient cooling system, which responds to all of the environmental standards.
    • big number of POEs of high-speed fiber-optical communication lines;
    • data-center has round-the-clock multilevel security system.
  2. Placing your virtual dedicated server in Sweden, you secure the information stored on a server from unauthorized access.
  3. Our customers have an opportunity to use service of hosting a VPS in Sweden at a reasonable price due to the fact, that HostZealot Company is the owner of the computing facilities, located at our place in data-center.
  4. Renting a virtual dedicated server in Stockholm is the best solution for projects aimed at European users.

Choosing VPS in Sweden from HostZealot, you receive maximum capacity for realization of your project at a reasonable price.