Clients of Hostzealot company have an opportunity to use a hosting service in data-centers located in the different parts of the world. On this page you can receive information about hosting of VPS in USA.


Main factors, making more and more users get interested in choosing this type of hosting, are listed below:

  • software for optimization your project running is absolutely free of charge;
  • server hardware delivered by SuperMicro - recognized world leader;
  • CPU from Intel has long-time excellent recommendations in sphere of computer technologies;
  • IPv6 is totally supported;
  • SSD caching provides the highest speed of access to the data;
  • KVM virtualization allows you to install any OS of your choice on your virtual machine
  • VNC and SSH-root access for server’s settings;
  • professional technical support round-the-clock;
zKVM 8192
  • Cores4
  • RAM8 GB
  • HDD100 GB
  • Bandwidth8 TB
  • Swap16 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 256
  • Cores1
  • RAM256 MB
  • HDD5 GB
  • Bandwidth512 GB
  • Swap512 MB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 1024
  • Cores3
  • RAM1 GB
  • HDD20 GB
  • Bandwidth1 TB
  • Swap2 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616
zKVM 4096
  • Cores4
  • RAM4 GB
  • HDD50 GB
  • Bandwidth4 TB
  • Swap8 GB
  • IPv41
  • IPv616

Additionally to all the facts listed above our clients receive following extra advantages, when they order VPS in USA hosting:

  1. Computing facilities of VPS in USA are located in data-center that corresponds to the highest quality standards. It is worth of noting, that:
    • total consumed power is about 40MW - spare energy for any issues, which may occur;
    • data-center has two independent electrical power inputs and eight emergency generators 2MW each, all that provide uninterruptible running 365 days a year;
    • multilevel access control system makes unauthorized entry impossible;
    • electrical consumption monitoring and early faults detection systems help to reduce breakdowns of auxiliary equipment and unscheduled downtime in server’s work.
  2. There are over 17 carriers presented in data-center. That is a guarantee of reliable work of your project.
  3. Placing your virtual dedicated server in USA, you protect your important information from unauthorized access and have always control over it.

Ordering VPS in USA hosting from HostZealot, you get high quality and reliability at reasonable price. Different tariffs allow you to choose the best variant for your project without extra charging for useless options.