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No matter if you're a private person or a representative of an organisation, if you are looking for reliable web hosting service for a reasonable price, you should consider VPS. Guaranteed resources due to the use of the KVM virtualization combined with moderate fees might be the solution you need.

  • SSD Caching
  • VNC Access
  • KVM Virtulization
  • IPv6 Free
  • TUN/TAP Interface

Simply doing bit of calculations will get you to understanding what kind of tariff plan will suit your project most. Make some estimations to come up with:

  • memory volume;
  • drive space;
  • CPU and cores needed;
  • BW consumption;

We're delighted to announce that from now on we also offer VPS in China. Please find key points regarding our new POP and the service itself below.

China VPS can deliver the best performance to all kind of the online projects that you may be interested in. The list of implemented features below:

  • top notch server HW – Supermicro motherboard with Intel CPU;
  • no content supervision – it should comply with basic legal norms, though;
  • enhanced access experience – SSD caching boosts your I/O activities;
  • guaranteed resources only – no hidden catches with KVM virtualization. Fair division of hardware resources amongst VPS users;
  • Windows or Unix OS on board – just pick the desired OS from the list during the order. You can also install custom OS from your ISO;
  • remote FTP storage – backup your data with free backup space or get up to 200 GB for additional fee;
  • easy to manage – preconfigure your VPS with Solus VM included in all China VPS hosting plans;
  • IPv6 already in place – a number of IPv6 comes by default with each VPS. If you are still in need of IPv4, it's also not a problem;
  • VNC and SSH access to your server – note that custom ports are used for security reasons;
  • controls panels available for installation – simply choose the one you need during the order and get it ready for use;
  • extra options that come free of charge – analyze your traffic graphs directly in your client area;
  • software on-demand installation – start deploying your project without wasting your time on setting up the environment. LAMP and LNMP packages can be preinstalled for an additional fee;
  • your VPS ready for use just in a few minutes – make an order and pay the invoice. Start your stopwatches, lean back and relax, it won't take long;
  • quick control options – get your server back online by yourself within a few minutes using available management options;
  • round-the-clock and all year round – check out our support team and get ready to improve your customer experience using our VPS server in China.

Hostzealot VPS benefits

Variety of locations

More than 17 locations to choose from including: Chicago, Seattle, Ashburn, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Stockholm, Limassol, Tel Aviv, Tallinn, Dallas, Frankfurt, Brussels, Venice, Tbilisi and Hong Kong.

KVM Virtualization

KVM virtualization technology provides independent resources to each virtual server, and also provides the ability to install the necessary operating system distributions.

Quick provisioning

You can start using a VPS in 5 minutes after the payment and KYC procedures completed.

Free IPV6 for each VPS

We provide a free IPV6 for every VPS you use in your business

VNC access to VPS

VNC-access from anywhere in the world and administer your virtual server from the comfort of your home

Variety of Control Panels

We offer a whole range of control panels from Cpanel to ISPmanager

Under Your Control

Have full control over your software solutions and the settings required for your website.


Depending on the needs of your business, you can install additional software on your server.

Manage IP addresses

Because VPS uses its own IP address, routing rules and ports, you can assign a dedicated IP for each of your sites.


Feel like you're running out of resources? There's always room to expand.

VPS in China: The Most Convenient Alternative for Hosting in Asia

The most reliable hosting solution in Asia at a fair price is a VPS China. Such VPS for China is physically located in a Data Center with the latest hosting technology. 

Some of the most remarkable features include KVM virtualization for Linux and Windows platforms. In the Data Center, customers can store their critical data on separate storage units. This redundancy guarantees the data security on this VPS hosting in China.

Features and Benefits of VPS Hosting China

This China VPS server is suitable to host your personal or commercial website. It has all the technical resources to guarantee online functionality and security. Some of the benefits that you get using this hosting service are:

  • Premium hardware with Intel CPU
  • SSD caching for much faster access
  • Easy VPS management
  • Traffic analysis (free of charge) in the area of your interest

Thanks to the above benefits, you should consider this alternative for your hosting. As mentioned, the rental costs are reasonable. You can use different payment options. For example, the use of a China VPS Bitcoin can be paid with the digital coin mentioned in the name.

Why Should You Choose a VPS Server in China?

Managing your VPS server won’t be complicated thanks to the remote control options available for customers. In the basic package, you get full remote control of the server power. The administration of your server is done through a user-friendly control panel. There are alternative control panels that you can order for a better administration experience of your virtual server.

A VPS in this strategic location gives you access to some of the largest markets in the world. A Linux VPS China (or Windows) allows you to make your online content visible on this market.

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Plus all of these standard features at no extra charge:

VNC access to VPS
IPv4 and IPv6
Free IPv6 for each VPS
Secure Shell(SSH)
SSL/TLS Certificates with Let's Encrypt
KVM virtualization
Phusion Passenger
Password Protection (.htaccess)
SSD caching
One-Click Application Installer
Unlimited Email Accounts
PHP/ Perl/ Python
Crontab Access
Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users
Subversion Repository (SVN)
Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
Access to Raw Log Files
Unlimited MYSQL Databases