CloudFlare for your website

Author: HostZealot Team
2 min.

HostZealot is glad to announce that we have become a partner of CloudFlare - worldwide known company that has been delivering useful services for websites since 2009.

Always trying to provide more helpful features for our clients now we can offer effective protection and boost your website performance with CloudFlare additional module.

CloudFlare addon is available both for new and current users of the web hosting services provided by HostZealot. Set up is one-click only and you won't have to change your code or make tedious configuration settings.

The complete number of the CloudFlare's services now available for HostZealot web hosting users is quite astonishing. Key benefits, which website owner can count on using CloudFlare web hosting addon are:

  • faster website performance;
  • smart security features;
  • additional analytic surveys.

One of the main features is that your web pages content get optimized and cached so your online visitors get the best performance of your website. Thanks to the CloudFlare's global Content Delivery Network and Authoritative DNS your web traffic is always routed to the Data Centre, which is the nearest to your web site visitors, thus reducing the latency even further. At the same time malicious attacks and all kinds of other threats get blocked even before they can reach our web hosting carrier servers spearing your bandwidth and improving system health.

Detailed info is available at You can also check our Blog How-to section for step by step instruction on using CloudFlare addon. If there are still some questions regarding the usage of CloudFlare module, fell free to contact our 24/7 support team.

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