How to change Windows VPS password?

To do this you should use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) , which is a multi-channel protocol, allowing a user connecting to a VPS or dedicated server. Default RDP port is TCP 3389.

Guide on how to change Windows VPS password is given below:

  1. Start RDP session and login to server.
  2. Select Start > Windows Security
  3. Use the "Change Password" button.
  4. Enter your current password, then your new password two times in the respective fields.
  5. Finally, click "OK"

Your user password will be changed.

Alternative method of changing password is down below (Windows 2012 Datacenter edtition):

1. Open File Explorer → Open Control Panel → User Accounts → Change Account Type → Administrator → Change the password

2. Enter your old password, then your new password twice in the respective fields.

3. Click Change password

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