How to install .NET Framework on my Windows VPS?

Unlike desktop Windows releases, at Windows Server you will not be able to install .net Framework via installer dowloaded from Microsoft website.
For that purpose "Add Roles and Features" wizard should be used instead.

  1. Open Server Manager (your can find it at your taskbar panel)
  2. In Server Manager, click Manage and then select Add Roles and Features to start the Add Roles and Features Wizard.
  3. On the Installation Type screen, select Role-based or feature-based installation
  4. Select the target server.
  5. On the Features screen, check the box next to .Net Framework 3.5 (4.5) Features.
  6. On the Confirm installation selections screen, a warning will be displayed asking "Do you need to specify an alternate source path?".
    Ignore it if your server is connected to internet.
  7. Click Install and wait till the installation is finished
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