How to use VNC (How to manage VPS without SSH)?

In some cases you might need to use VNC (Virtual Network Computing) access to your VPS package. It is a GUI, an alternative to SSH access by PuTTY or other tools. It provides convenient ways of updating your VPS package settings and allows to reboot VPS if need be.

There are several ways you can gain VNC access:

  1. Use direct link
  2. Use third-party tool called TightVNC -
Login details for both are provided in your "New VPS welcome  email" from us

      3. Launch VNC Viewer tool provided by SolusVM panel with each package.
To do this, please go to Services -> My services -> Select the VPS package in question and click View Details -> Click VNC button.

In case your Java blocks usage of VNC Viewer on Windows, please go to your Control Panel -> Programs -> Java -> select Security tab and add to Exception list
Locating Java Control Panel on Mac -
Enabling Java Console for Linux -

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