How to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security on Windows VPS?

Due to Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) it becomes a real problem to download anything to your server through Internet Explorer.
Even opening a simple web-page will take at least 6 times of clicking through the IE ESC warnings.
It will also prevent you from installing some applications which need internet connection during install progress. (e.g. Oracle Java)

So if you want to disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security (IE ESC) follow the next steps:
  1. Open Server Manager (your can find it at your taskbar panel)
  2. In the Server Manager Dashboard, click on Local Server on the left side
  3. At the right column of Server Properties you’ll see the option named "IE Enhanced Security Configuration". Click "On" to change the option.
  4. You’ll be prompted to turn off IE ESC for Administrators and/or Users. Select your option and click OK
Please, keep in mind, that disabling IE ESC may open your server to some IE potential vulnerabilities.
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