Looking glass Hostzealot

Looking glass Hostzealot

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HostZealot provides a software tool for testing Internet connection between client's host and chosen location for hosting online project before ordering one of the hosting services, i.e. dedicated server, VPS or web hosting.

You can assess network connectivity at the moment by running Looking Glass software toolset (picture 1).

looking glass hostzealot

Picture 1

Find a list of currently available hosting locations (picture 2) in the left drop-down menu of application's GUI:

  • Netherlands - Amsterdam;
  • Canada - Toronto;
  • USA - Chicago;
  • USA - Ashburn;
  • Great Britain - London;
  • Spain - Madrid*;
  • Sweden – Stockholm.

*- only collocation is available in this location.

looking glass hostzealot

Picture 2

After you have selected the location choose the utility you'd like to run (picture 3):

  • ping;
  • ping6;
  • traceroute;
  • traceroute6;

and enter an IP-adress or domain for testing into the next field. The application automatically detects the IP-adress of the device you're using at the moment and allows to insert that IP by right-clicking on it. Press “Run Test” button to start tracing (you can cancel ongoing testing by pressing the same button once again).

looking glass hostzealot

Picture 3

Picture 4 and 5 show results of ping and traceroute utilities execution respectively. Ping will give you a general idea about packets round trip time and data loss.

looking glass hostzealot

Picture 4

Synopsis is given at the very bottom of the information window:

  • number of packets transmitted;
  • number of packets received;
  • packet loss percentage;
  • minimum, average, maximum packets round-trip time and standard deviation.


Traceroute utility shows you the whole route that the packets have taken. The result window displays an information about hops between network nodes along the path and round-trip time for each set of packets.

looking glass hostzealot

Picture 5

Ping6 and traceroute6 commands should be used for similar tasks, but only with IPv6 addresses. 

Please keep in mind that some routers or servers can block ping and traceroute queries. In this case you get special symbols *** instead of data in traceroute results window, while ping utility reports packet loss.

If you have some questions regarding the use of LookingGlass software toolset or require additional assistance with ordering any HostZealot hosting services don't hesitate to contact our customer support service at your convenience.

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