New Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes Tools Presented by VMware

New Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes Tools Presented by VMware

Author: HostZealot Team
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In spite of the already approved acquisition of VMware by Broadcom, which is going to be finalized by the 30th of October this year, VMware conducted its Explore conference in Las Vegas, introducing a bunch of new products.

These have been in the first place presented by contributions to VMware Cloud Foundation software, a multifunctional platform for managing corporate cloud infrastructure. Among them:

  • NSX+: A SaaS, presented by a console that allows to handle the network. Besides that, it helps regulate security policies, monitor traffic, and discover threats.
  • vSAN Max: A storage management solution aimed at scaling the storage on the PB scale (separately from vSphere compute clusters) to rationalize capital investments.
  • ESXi: a management service.

Besides that, they presented the improvements to Tanzu Kubernetes with a focus on building apps as well as some new products for edge computing, including tools for retail and private mobile networks.

VMware Cloud, uniting VMware Cloud Foundation software and VMware Cloud services will now be presented in 5 variations: Essentials, Standard, Pro, Advanced, and Enterprise, each featuring a carefully selected set of products.

Another announcement features the introduction of VMware Cloud on Equinix by the beginning of 2024.

They will continue its integration on other services they already work with. For example, VMware Cloud for IBM will receive some new services available later this year.

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