How to get SSL certificate for your domain

Aug 9, 2018

Getting SSL for your domain is quite easy, still, there are few things you should be aware of. Here below you will find brief guidelines for ordering SSL certificate (note that ordering process of the Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is shown as an example).

You can find different types of SSL certificates on our web page Please read the information provided and decide which type of certificate will suit your needs most. Once you have picked SSL certificate it is time to place an order directly on our website (use your credentials during check out if you are already a registered client). After the order is processed a new SSL item will appear in the list of your active products and services. Press View details button and go to SSL configure wizard (picture 1)

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 1

Now select your Web server type from a list and provide a valid CSR (Certificate Signing Request) – see picture 2.

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 2

You can generate both CSR and a private key using a free online service like or our technicians can also do it for you. If you choose the second option, please submit a ticket containing the following data:

  • email - preferably admin@your.domain;
  • password - can be used by the certificate authority to identify the person or organization with whom you wish to communicate. Make sure not to use confidential info as a password, because it is stored unencrypted;
  • host to make cert for (www or without www);
  • city;
  • state;
  • country (2 letter abbreviation) – you can check it for example here
  • company name;
  • company division;
  • email address the cert will be sent to – it should be an admin@your.domain email on your domain.

If you don’t already have an admin email account, here is an example how to create an email account using cPanel control panel.

  • navigate to Email Accounts section;
  • enter an email and a password, then press Create Account button (picture 3)

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 3

Now you have your email account created and you can access it by choosing Access Webmail from the list (picture 4).

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 4

Once you have your CSR and email account ready get back to the SSL configuration and copy paste CSR into the corresponding window (see picture 1), then select once more an email address to be used for communication regarding your SSL.

Next step is to confirm issuance of the certificate. Go to the selected email account and follow the link in a letter from SSL vendor (picture 5).

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 5

Enter your validation code and then press Next. That’s almost it, your SSL certificate will be issued and sent as a zip file to your email shortly (picture 6).

how to get ssl certificate for your domain

Picture 6

The only thing left after you receive your SSL certificate is to submit a ticket to our technical department with a request to install SSL for your domain(s). Don’t forget to attach the certificate itself to the ticket. Important notice – you have to provide a dedicated IP for each SSL certificate. So, if you’re using a web hosting without dedicated IP, add a request for an IP-address to the ticket.

Additional information regarding SSL certificates can be obtained from our customer support team available 24/7/365 via live chat, Skype or ticket system.

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