26 Oct 2016
CloudFlare for your website

Always trying to provide more helpful features for our clients now we can offer effective protection and boost your website performance with CloudFlare additional module.

20 Sep 2016
How to register a new domain

We continue our series of articles dedicated to the main theme - launching your project online. There are already some posts in our blog about editing hosts file, hosting your web site, etc. Here below you can find out how to register a new domain.

20 Sep 2016
How to add a RDNS (PTR) record?

We’d like to announce that from now on every client of HostZealot has an opportunity to set RDNS record with just a few clicks.

08 Aug 2016
Looking glass HZ

HostZealot provides a software tool for testing Internet connection between client's host and chosen location for hosting online project before ordering one of the hosting services, i.e. dedicated server, VPS or web hosting.

29 Apr 2016
How to modify hosts file

Let's start from the very beginning – what is hosts file at all? I'm sure there is no need to tell you in details what Internet Protocol addresses are (IP-addresses or IP's for short) and why do we need Domain Name System (DNS). Information on this subject is easy to find and you have already heard something about it. Let's only highlight the main points.

28 Apr 2016
KVM VPS SSD-powered now

SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives in both transfer speed and latency terms. That is why HostZealot offers both SSD caching and SSD only VPS hosting. Find out more below.

10 Apr 2016
What is VPS and what can I do with it?

VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which means it is a solution emulating full-scale dedicated server, yet it costs significantly less. This is achieved by dividing a dedicated server into packages with the help of virtualization technology. What is VPS and what its main benefits are? Read this below.

01 Apr 2016
What is the best VPS OS?

Most of clients already know what is the best VPS OS for them. Users usually select OS depending on their previous experience or on their project requirements. We provide a wide variety of OS, enabling each customer to choose the one fitting their needs and expectations most.

Majority of tasks are best performed by servers running Linux/FreeBSD OS and we will provide a short list of their features below.

CentOS (Community Enterprise OS) is a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) OS. It is a separate branch of RHEL development tree, compatible with the majority of control panels (cPanel, DirectAdmin, ISP Manager, etc.), software and scripts for Linux-based systems. This OS setup is mostly conservative, allowing using the same architecture for extended periods of time and applying hotfixes if need be. Due to this policy CentOS users work with stable, reliable and predictable OS.


06 Feb 2016
How to host your own website

Home computer vs leased server

Hosting a website has never been easier – that kind of commercials are all around, but let’s find out if it is really so.

Assuming that you have your web pages ready, what should be your first step to get your website running? First of all you need to place your site on a web server, so people from all over the world could reach it.