22 Aug 2016
Using IPMI for administrating a server

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is an interface designed for server control and monitoring, which can be carried out independently of the OS installed and current state of the server.

On a hardware level IPMI is a separate BMC (Baseboard management controller) microcontroller that operates regardless of server's hardware and software configuration. Also, the device has its own network interface, which allows user to establish connection even when the server is powered off.

24 May 2016
Colocation or managed hosting

If you have heard a term “colocation”, but don't know exactly what it is and what it has to do with using a server for your commercial needs, this article will give you some basic clues to start with.

Colocation can be interpreted as placing your own server in a rack along with other servers located in a facility with special conditions.

21 May 2016
What kind of server does your project demand?

When starting a new project the most important task is to adequately measure its needs. Purchasing the best solution available does guarantee redundancy of resources but is often impossible due to limited budget. However, single-processor multi-core CPU low-end servers are quite versatile and often are able to provide enough resources for a start-up.

We will briefly depict the main types of dedicated server CPU solutions, offered by HostZealot. All examples shown below are default configurations. Each of these is highly adjustable and can be altered in any way to suit your needs.

13 May 2016
Dedicated server hosting

This topic is about dedicated server hosting and its pros and cons. To begin with, what are dedicated servers? Obviously, the dedicated server is a physical server, so pretty much a computer, which has CPU, hard drive, memory and other useful things. The particular kind of CPU, number of cores, memory and hard drive size completely depend on your specific needs.

Below we'll compare dedicated server hosting with other available hosting possibilities. These are shared hosting and Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) hosting.