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What is the best VPS OS?
Apr 1, 2016

Most of clients already know what is the best VPS OS for them.

Users usually select OS depending on their previous experience or on their project requirements. We provide a wide variety of OS, enabling each customer to choose the one fitting their needs and expectations most.

How to host your own website
Feb 6, 2016

Home computer vs leased server

Hosting a website has never been easier – that kind of commercials are all around, but let’s find out if it is really so.

Assuming that you have your web pages ready, what should be your first step to get your website running? First of all you need to place your site on a web server, so people from all over the world could reach it.

Launch of a new website
Feb 6, 2016
Launch of a new website

Hosting provider HostZealot pleased to announce the launch of a new website!

What is VPS and what can I do with it?
Apr 10, 2014

VPS is a Virtual Private Server, which means it is a solution emulating full-scale dedicated server, yet it costs significantly less. This is achieved by dividing a dedicated server into packages with the help of virtualization technology.